Excite your tastebuds this winter with our June must-haves

June must-haves winter themed promo image with

Excite your tastebuds this winter with a selection of great products and must-have appliances. Find out where to buy them from and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home. Farmland Burger Bacon Brand new innovation for bacon lovers, this round pancetta style bacon is perfect for burgers, bacon & egg muffins, pancakes and…

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Venison bacon chili

A great chili must be one of the best dishes to serve at a casual get together. The lean and flavourful venison mince is a perfect fit for this easy favourite. In this recipe bacon adds the salty depth to the spiciness. Make a big pot doubling the recipe and freeze some for later days.…

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Nut-free satay style tofu burgers

Side angle of a stacked burger layered with lettuce, patty, cheese, coriander and yellow sauce.

Enjoy the soft and fluffy homemade tofu patties in these delightful Asian satay style burgers. Microwaving tofu wrapped in a paper towel removes some of the water from tofu, making it easier to use If satay is not your thing, why not try a more traditional approach!

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Mexican chicken enchiladas

Mexican chicken enchiladas_Hero4_LR-00220

We love making Mexican inspired meals at home. These chicken enchiladas are sure to delight the whole family. If you’re low on time you can buy store-bought enchilada sauce. Or double the enchilada sauce and freeze half for another delicious meal! For an equally delicious vegetarian option, try this recipe.

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Chicken and chickpea traybake

Make this chicken, chickpea and butternut squash traybake for an easy midweek meal full of protein and fresh flavours. Swap protein and vegetables and you have yourself another easy weekday meal in the same amount of time!

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Bacon and pesto pinwheels

Get the kids to help make these tasty bacon and pesto pinwheels. They are perfect for brunches, lunches (for kids and adults!) and after school snacks. Make extra pesto for snacks, cheese boards and quick midweek pasta meals. Just like our easy bread cup quiches, these pinwheels will quickly become a lunchbox favourite!

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Best salad dressings

Elevate your salads with our best salad dressings. Choose from herby avocado, tahini, Dijon vinaigrette or satay to make your salads sing. These are best enjoyed on a delicious salad base such as our Venison summer salad.

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Turkish flatbreads with venison (lahmacun)

Turkish venison flatbreads lahmacun

Lahmacun (pronounced lah-mah-juhn) is a popular street food in Turkey. Some describe it as a cheeseless pizza. A spiced mince is spread onto a thin base and cooked in a very hot oven. The resulting crispy flatbreads are often eaten rolled up or folded and served with lemon wedges, fresh herbs and red onion. We…

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Pesto eggs

Pesto eggs on a slice of bread

Pesto fried eggs are the latest craze and we can see why! Frying eggs in pesto is so delicious that you’ll never go back to oil. Serve your pesto eggs on sourdough with smashed avocado and micro radish for an easy but impressive brunch. Pesto is simple to make yet this flavour bomb can transform…

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Jamie Oliver inspired summer avocado quiche

Jamie Oliver inspired summer avocado quiche with sliced avo on the side

Did you know you can make pastry with avocado? You surely can… we call it avocadough! The good fats in avocado mean you can use it instead of butter. Inspired by Jamie Oliver’s avocado pastry, we make an avocado pastry quiche and fill it with summer veggies and ham. Yum! For a sweet recipe using…

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