Rustic vegetable toastie

Vegetable toastie with pesto and mozzarella on a white plate with olive oil, salt and greens in the background.

We all love the classic grilled cheese sandwich that we grew up with, but why not try for something more gourmet. This one has flavourful veggies, surrounded with creamy melted mozzarella and nutty pesto— you’ll travel by taste to Italy! This recipe goes great on the barbecue or using a cast iron skillet. If you…

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Slow cooked beef & cheese melt

3 Beef and cheese toasties stack together on white background with a little beef spilling.

This slow cooked beef and cheese melt is beyond delicious and is our new favourite comfort food! Slow cooked meat is super tender and easy to make, just pop it on in the morning to eat these for dinner. If you have left over beef then let it cool and freeze in portions for future…

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