Vegan chocolate avocado pie

A whole round chocolate cream pie on black slate on dark green table with a knife.

Yes, you’ve read that right. a vegan chocolate pie made from avocados! Both the pastry and the filling feature healthy and creamy avocados. If chocolate is not your thing (yes, not everyone likes chocolate!), try this lighter avocado and lime combo.

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Vegan lasagne

Vegan lasagne tray with a slice on the side

Turn your family favourite into a festive meal. Try our vegan Christmas lasagne with delicious white, green and red layers. It’s full of fresh flavours to delight your guests and packed with veggies. The white sauce is so creamy and delicious, you’d never know it’s vegan! For a meaty twist on the classic lasagne, give…

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Pistachio falafel

A plate of brown falafel balls on flatbread and red yellow capsicums, a plate of sliced red onions, tomatoes, flatbread around it.

We love these nutty vegan falafel. Use pistachio nuts and fresh herbs for delicious greens. Serve the falafel in a sharing platter or serve in pitas with fresh vegetables for a healthy and tasty meal!

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Pumpkin dahl

Easy weeknight meals - Two bowls of pumpkin dahl topped with white cream and red berries, and a bowl of yoghurt with red berries.

Dahl is an Indian dish and a great vegan option. With all the spices it’s a warming dish for those cooler evenings. Serve with your favourite naan or roti bread.

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Tofu edamame mushroom burgers

A tasty vegan burger recipe packed full of all the plant-based goodness. The homemade tofu burger patties are surprisingly easy to make and sure to impress even the meat eaters.

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