5+ A Day backing the wellbeing of New Zealanders for 27 years

Results from a recent study of Kiwi consumers revealed an astounding 87 percent of us are aware of 5+ A Day, proving the brand’s simple nutrition message is now successfully ingrained in the minds of most New Zealanders.

Carmel Ireland, Project Manager at The 5+ A Day Charitable Trust which commissioned the Nielsen IQ research* notes that the reputation of the brand is particularly important during a global pandemic.

“While around 40 percent of New Zealanders are getting at least five servings of fruit or vegetables each day, now is an ideal time to remind families that fresh fruit and vegetables enable us to get the best out of our bodies for physical activity, learning, and all our daily activities,” says Ireland.

“We know that lockdown restrictions are making access to food difficult for some. Food insecurity was already a major issue in many of our communities and the latest lockdown has made the situation much worse.”

“We encourage families to make the most of any seasonal produce that they can get hold of and our website is a great source of inspiration for recipes, storage and ideas to serve healthy meals on a tight budget,” she says.

Ireland is pleased that the brand’s work to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables is receiving such widespread recognition.

“Eating five or more servings of a range of colourful, fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables is essential for the health and vitality of the whole wh?nau. We’re thrilled that so many New Zealanders have picked up on this message,” she says.

Of the 700 surveyed by the independent research company, three quarters knew that 5 or more servings of fruit and vegetables should be consumed each day for optimal health.

The 5+ A Day Charitable Trust’s logo is also making a lasting impression with 85 percent of those surveyed recalling seeing the logo.

“While we have a focus on providing education resources for tamariki, our website and our social media channels have enabled us to reach a wider audience, providing inspiration to home cooks and families looking to enjoy the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables.

“Our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts, @5adaynz, are an excellent source of tasty recipes that make the most of seasonal produce to suit any budget,” says Ireland.

*The 5+ A Day Awareness and Consumption Survey was administered by independent research company NielsenIQ and involved interviews with 700 New Zealanders between June 16 and June 23, 2021.


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