Beef and Beetroot Burgers

Beef and Beetroot Burgers


Homemade burgers are the bomb.  Grab fresh buns, layer up your favourite cheese and veges, then top with a beef beetroot patty and herbed butter. Delicious.


4 Portobello mushrooms, we love Meadows
1 400g packet Green Meadows Angus Beef + Beetroot Burgers
4 fresh burger buns
2 tablespoons relish (we like Maison Therese beetroot relish)
Handful baby spinach leaves
4 slices of your favourite cheese
1 red onion, sliced
Herbed butter (we love Lewis Road Creamery’s Steak Butter)


In a buttered frypan, fry the whole mushrooms until golden and fragrant. About 6-8 minutes. When those are done, set aside and cook the burger patties as per packet directions.
While the mushrooms and burgers are cooking, slice your buns in half and spread the bottom of each bun with relish. Set aside the tops of the buns.
On top of the relish, layer with baby spinach leaves, then a slice of cheese, a couple of red onion rings to each bun then a cooked mushroom each.
Add a cooked burger patty to each bun, then a round of herbed butter melted over the top. Top with the bun lid and enjoy!

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