Brie and Apple Omelette

Brie and Apple Omelette

There is so much you can do with eggs so why restrict yourself to a basic recipe? Add some excitement with this brie and apple omelette. Mmmm.

Serves 1

For Brie and Apple Omelette, you need:

2 Apples (peeled, cored ,thinly sliced)
10 Tablespoons Butter (yes the secret to a good omelette is butter!)
4 Eggs
8 teaspoons Cream
Salt & pepper to taste
1 block 125g Brie cheese

How to make the omelette:

Sautee the apple in most of the butter, leaving a couple of tablespoons aside.
An a bowl, beat together eggs, cream, salt and pepper until blended but not frothy.
Melt remaining butter in an omelette pan over high heat until foam begins to recede but before beginning to colour brown.
Pour in egg mixture and prepare omelette, beating to lighten but still allowing it to settle on the bottom.
Fill with your sauteed apples and diced Brie cheese cubes.
Roll your omelette as you would a pancake.
Slide your omelette out of the pan onto a heated plate.
Sprinkle with a little icing sugar to serve.
Sweet Omelette tips:
Decorate with mint and fresh in-season fruit for a real wow factor brunch.

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