Eating two servings of fruit is more important in winter

With winter chills hitting, 5+ A Day Trustee and Principal Scientist and Team Leader at Plant and Food Research, Dr Carolyn Lister, says getting at least two servings of fruit each day is a great way to improve your health and wellbeing.

“Winter fruit such as kiwifruit, lemons, Navel oranges and tamarillos provide important immunity support,” says Dr Lister.

With the huge variety of fresh fruit available through the winter months, it’s easy to grab a kiwifruit or a Navel orange for a healthy snack on the go, but why not try adding your favourites to a main meal?

“Fresh is best when it comes to winter fruit. Buying the varieties that are in season now will not only provide you with the biggest nutritional punch, but they’ll also provide the best value,” says Dr Lister.

“The delicious fruit grown here in Aotearoa are one of the best sources of the essential nutrients our bodies need. They’re packed full of vitamins, antioxidants, fibre and water that support repair and recovery, immunity, energy levels and mental wellbeing.”

“Incorporating fresh fruit into your evening meal is a great way to make sure the whole whanau gets at least two servings of fruit every day for optimal health,” says Dr Lister.

The 5+ A Day Charitable Trust is encouraging Kiwi cooks to brighten up dark winter days with tasty salads and salsas featuring the very best fresh seasonal fruit.

Winter kiwifruit is a nutritious and versatile addition to salads and salsas. Try sliced green kiwifruit and almonds on top of a mix of rocket and red onion. Add a tangy Navel orange dressing for a quick weeknight salad.

Switch out salads for salsa if you prefer a spicier addition to your meal. Try a mix of gold and green kiwifruit diced and combined with garlic, chilli, lemon juice, red onion and your favourite fresh winter herbs. Taco night will be so much tastier with this tangy kiwi twist.

For more exciting recipe ideas and inspiration for making the best of fresh seasonal fruit, the 5+ A Day Charitable Trust website has a database with plenty of delicious options: or follow their social media channels @5adaynz.

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