Fresh Media launches Fresh First food boxes

Mum and two children at dining table with Fresh first box in background


Auckland business Fresh Media with their platform is launching a new opportunity for brands to get their products in front of hungry customers.

Already known for their full-circle marketing services, Fresh Media is now releasing limited edition occasion-led food boxes, complete with recipes and video instructions for families to follow.

A limited number of boxes will be released each time, containing ingredients for up to 5 meals – enough for a family of four to eat over a weekend or utilise in a larger gathering.

Founder/Director Mark Nelson says the inclusion of bespoke recipes showcasing each brand is the perfect opportunity to by-pass in-store sampling and go direct to the customer experience – especially with concerns for both brands and consumers around safety and hygiene.

“Brands will receive direct genuine customer feedback. We’re now closing the loop, and offering full circle brand exposure and experience,” he says.

Fresh recipe designers and food stylists work to create the marketing content for each ingredient / product, which is then supplied back to the brand for their own use.

Micro-influencer campaigns will be run around each release, and customers will be encouraged to share their recipe creations/unboxing moments on social media to guarantee they get first choice of securing the next box.

“We're an extension of their marketing team, we know the brand, we know what they need, so we create content that brings the brand and customer together in a positive and tested experience.”

Initially available only in Auckland, Fresh First Food Boxes will be sold to customers at a value-added price on a first-come first-served basis, delivered free to their homes. Messaging will centre around the chance to taste top NZ brands with easy-to-follow recipe videos, and supported by the opportunity to also “pay it forward” to another family.

An added feel-good for all brands involved, for each box sold, Fresh is providing a smaller food box to a family in need across Auckland and the Waikato.

“Customers who buy a Fresh First Food Box will know they are helping others, and it’s the perfect opportunity for us to give back to communities too – it’s something we are looking to incorporate with all our boxes going forward,” says Mark.

Fresh Media is working with New Zealander of the Year Local Hero Dave Letele and his organisation Buttabean Motivation to deliver the Auckland “pay it forward” food boxes.

The first Fresh First Food Box will be delivered on Thursday 23 June in time for Matariki weekend. Further boxes will be released throughout the year, and Fresh Media plans to extend the offering into the Waikato and Bay of Plenty areas over the coming months.

Register HERE for your chance to secure a box.

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