Lunch Recipes

kid friendly
low carb
gluten free
dairy free
Bagel with salmon flake, sliced red onion, herb and capers on green plate.
Salmon and cream cheese bagels
A beef burger with red onion, lettuce, pickles on black background.
BBQ Beef burger
Hands holding a crumbed chicken burger with slaw and bacon .
Chicken burger with a twist
Two filled bao buns inside bamboo steam basket with the lid next to it.
Karaage chicken bao buns
Cheese slices, lettuce, crumbed fish and tartar sauce on an oblong bread with the top half of bread on its side.
Fish baguette sandwiches
Roasted crumbed rolled pork filled with nutty crumbs on a board, sliced showing inside.
Apple, walnut, and bacon stuffed rolled pork roast
A bowl of thick brown creamy soup with mushroom slices and walnuts pieces on top.
Mushroom and walnut soup
A pancake topped with red sauce, mayo and green onions. With chopsticks.
Noodle Okonomiyaki with bacon
Noodles, carrots,chicken, corn, edamame and nori in bowls, with a baby fork and a bib.
Mini rainbow noodle bowls
Two bowls of soup with carrots, ham, veges and green herbs on a blue striped cloth. And sliced bread at side.
Bacon hock & winter vegetable soup
Four tacos filled with brown, yellow and green food on white plate. Surrounded by ingredients.
Slow-Cooked Pineapple Pork with pineapple salsa
Five fried eggs on pink ham stacked on white plate on wooden board.
Keto ham and egg cups
Pan-fried fish fillet with chips, green salad and a lemon slice served on a grey round plate.
Keto crumbed fish
Two bowles of white noodles with cooked chicken and edamame beans, two pairs of chopsticks.
Cold udon salad with Karaage chicken
An oval plate full of noodles topped with cucumber pieces, green herbs, red chilli and sesame seeds.
Smashed cucumber and rice noodle salad
A plate of colourful noodle salad with a pair of chopsticks, and a small bowl of light brown sauce.
Chicken Satay Noodle Salad
A white bowl of cooked chicken nuggets on wooden board.
Gluten free popcorn chicken
Six thin small brown fritters stacked on a white plate with a drop of white sauce on top on bench top.
Bacon and potato rosti
Three piles of aubergine slice stacks with basil leaves on top on a plate with cherry tomato halves.
Aubergine stack
Six beef summer rolls on a plate with a bowl of red dipping sauce.
Spicy Beef summer rolls
Two halves of grilled ham and cheese sandwich stack on a paper lined board.
Grilled breakfast sandwich