Air fryer crème brûlée

Six ramekins of creme brulee on a round silver tray.

Everyone’s favourite rich dessert crème brûlée, or burnt cream can be cooked in an air fryer. Use a blowtorch for the caramelised sugar topping. Discover the Tefal 3 in 1 easy grill, fry and steam air fryer now or try the more traditional oven method.

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Easy airfryer chicken drumsticks

Fried chicken drumsticks on a plate with a bowl of greens.

We love tasty meals that are easy to prepare. Our airfryer chicken drumsticks take less than 20 minutes from start to finish! Coat your chicken drumsticks in Diamond Coat ‘n Cook twice for extra crunch and pop in the airfryer. Easy. Delish.

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Airfryer pizza bianca

Top view of a pizza on round wooden board in centre, a block of cheese and a bowl of greens on left side. Beer glasses at top.

Try this delicious pizza with fresh tarragon, fennel and brie cheese. A pizza bianca is a white pizza without a tomato base. We buy store-bought bases and cook them in the airfryer for an extra fast and delicious dinner.

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Crunchy pasta chips n’ avocado aioli

A platter of brown curled pasta chips in centre, on left side a bowl of green aioli , on right side a small pot of salt. A glass of beer in back.

Chips N’ dip are the must when it comes to Dad’s beer time! You can casually whip up these dangerously morish pasta chips from a few pantry staples. Even better served with freshly made avo aioli.

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Airfryer bacon & egg cups

Piece of toast topped with avo slice and tomato and small round egg on a plate on left side and three more egg cups on wooden board on right

It wouldn’t be Father’s Day without breakfast in bed! Show Dad how much he means to you by making him these airfryer bacon and egg cups. Don’t forget to serve them with his favourite drink.

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Beans, Bacon and Egg Macaroni Cheese Pots 

Four round ramekins full of yellowish food with egg in each centre, green herb on a wooden board

Super easy hunger busters. These beans, bacon and egg macaroni cheese pots may be small in size but big on flavour and sure to satisfy your hungry teenagers after school or sports games. Layer baked beans, macaroni cheese and egg in heatproof ramekins and pop in your airfryer for a quick cook.

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Air Fryer Popcorn chicken

Fried chicken nuggets on tray with lemon wedges, pot of pink sauce and a bowl of shredded cabbege.

Another take on this classic snack, our air fryer popcorn chicken bites are easy to make and super crunchy! Baked or air fried, try both recipes and tell us which one you prefer!

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