Salmon and Avocado Verrines with Zesty Dill Dressing

A large fillet of salmon and a few glasses full of salmon and avocado cocktails

Verrine is an elegant French-style appetiser served in a small glass. This beautiful salmon pink and avocado green combo is perfect for your festive table. A creamy lemon dill dressing enhances the taste and colour. Simplify the dish and serve it all on blinis if you prefer.

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Salmon Avocado Butter Board

Green avocado pasted on wooden board, dotted with salmon flesh, roes and herbs. Lemon halves and rectangler crackers on side.

This avocado butter board is even better than the original thing. These appetiser boards have taken social media by a storm, and we see why! We used a classic combo of salmon and avocado and brightened it up with pops of flavour. If you’re not into sharing, serve it all on blinis or crackers.

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Father’s Day must-haves 2023

A person serving a wooden tray of salmon, crackers, pots of sauces and cucumber slices on it.

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