Banana S’mores

Five blackened bananas topped with pink and brown toppings on wooden board and a bowl of pink and white sweets

Air Fried banana S’mores are the new way to eat bananas! Watch little bananas turn soft and creamy in an Air fryer. Their flavour dramatically intensifies and makes them the best base for the perfect S’mores. This quick and easy dessert will have the (big) kids go bananas!

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Bananas honey flambé with mascarpone cream

4 long slices of bananas cooked in a black skillet topped with white cream drop, honey drizzle and crumbs

Bananas flambé makes an impressive presentation at your dinner party, yet it is so simple and quick to make. This banana dessert is popular in the French Caribbean and also in New Orleans where the dessert is called Bananas Foster.

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Black Forest Banana Peel Smoothie

Black Forest Banana Peel Smoothie There aren’t many better ways to start the day than with a Black Forest Smoothie. Chocolate, berries and banana (skin and all) are combined to make one deliciously thick, creamy and healthy smoothie. I’ve snuck in banana peel here to add the extra nutrients of vitamin B6 and B12, as…

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Barbecued Bananas

Barbecued bananas are the perfect dessert for summer. Whether you’re cooking over a camp fire, cranking over the barbie or simply sticking them in the oven at the end of dinner, the wonderful flavour of banana is multiplied simply by cooking it up. Pair it with crunchy biscuits (we used chocolate digestives, but ginger nuts…

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