Fresh avocado and tomato salad

Topdown view of a tomato and avocado salad in a white round bowl with a fork.

This fresh avocado and tomato salad is the perfect lunch option on a sunny day. The veggies with golden fried halloumi, crunchy toasted pumpkin seeds and a drizzle of blueberry balsamic drizzle make the most mouth watering salad.

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Bacon, egg and avocado muffins

Bacon and egg muffins are the best breakfast to whip up at weekends. We load ours with slices of avocado and serve them with tomatoes, for extra delicious freshness.

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Open crumbed chicken sandwich

A loaded open sandwich with crumbed chicken pieces, micro radish, tomatos on a plate with a small dish of mayonnaise. More sandwich ingredients around the plate.

This lean and mean chicken sandwich weekend brunch recipe is enhanced with Bürgen bread for a mouthwatering experience to fuel the day. Mix it up with these red meat alternatives for a bit of variety: Venison Philly cheesesteak sandwich , Lamb meatball open sandwich Feel like experimenting with base options? Check out the Bürgen bread…

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Rainbow tomato salad

A plate of colourful tomato salad with purple green herbs on white board.

Bursting with classic flavours, this rainbow tomato salad showcases beautiful & tasty tomatoes mingled with their favourite friends. Served with a roast for your family Easter dinner or on its own with crusty bread for light lunch, this margherita salad will quickly become a summer favourite.

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Tomato tarte tatin with goat cheese

A hand and knife sliced into a round tomato tart with white cheese and green herb on wooden board.

If you think of tarte tatin as a classic dessert, you might want to rethink that! This tomato tarte tatin is a game changer! Keep the toppings simple with goat cheese and sweet basil and let the ingredients shine.

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