Aubergine stack

Three piles of aubergine slice stacks with basil leaves on top on a plate with cherry tomato halves.

Enjoy the flavour of the aubergines at max! These delightful vegetable stacks are great served as main or to accompany any fish/meat dishes.

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Homemade tzatziki

Pale green coloured creamy dip with a hand holding a piece of flat bread, a packet of kitchen towel in rear.

Make Tzatziki from scratch. This freshly made Greek style dip is perfect as a condiment too. This freshly made tzatziki is the perfect condiment to compliment a lamb souvlaki.

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How to keep summer berries fresher for longer

Sieve of strawberries and a bottle of vinegar

Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are delicious. Before your berries go fuzzy, use this trick to keep them fresher for longer. This also removes some of the pesticides that can be used on berries. What you need: Fresh berries Water DYC White VinegarHandee paper towel  Tip: You can use the remaining white vinegar and water solution…

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