Sticky Slow Cooked Roast Lamb

roast lamb on the bone and two bowls of vegetables on a board

The easiest and tastiest roast lamb you’ll ever try. Sticky, slow-roasted, fall off the bone, melt in the mouth, heavenly lamb. Just throw it into the oven in a casserole dish. You’re going to love it.

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Swiss Easter Jelly

Swiss Easter Jelly - Fresh Ideas

This fluffy Easter treat is light, cool and the kids can help! The perfect dessert for lovely, long weekends and a nice change from all that chocolate.

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Rubbed Beef Fillet With Two Salsas

Rubbed Beef Fillet With Two Salsas A mouthwatering rubbed beef fillet with two salsas – perfect recipe for the family this spring. Ingredients: Beef 800 g Quality Mark eye fillet of beef, silver skin trimmed 1 tablespoon dried oregano Pumpkin seed salsa 1 cup pumpkin seeds 2 large ripe tomatoes, cored 1 fresh red chilli, stem…

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Beef Rib Roast

Best lunch recipes NZ

Beef Rib Roast What’s for dinner? This delicious beef rib roast! Standing Beef Rib Roast with Smoked Cheddar & Chive Mash Ingredients: Beef 2kg Quality Mark whole beef rib eye, bone-in Shallots 4 shallots, peeled and sliced into rings 2 teaspoons cornflour ¾ cup oil Mash 1.5kg Agria potatoes, peeled and chopped evenly 2 tablespoons…

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Warming Chicken Rice Noodle Broth

Warming Chicken Rice Noodle Broth Soups, stews and broths are perfect for this time of year. Leftovers from roast dinners, those greens you haven’t used up and a good homemade stock (or miso soup for a quick fix) mixed with rice noodles and a topping of fresh herbs looks and tastes delicious – and it…

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Freezy feijoa sorbet

Feijoa sorbet on a plate with mint

Take the feijoa to the next level by creating a beautiful frozen feijoa sorbet. Who knew one of our favourite flavours of Autumn could work so well in a delicate dessert? Fresh fruit sorbet are a beautiful way to use very ripe fruit, just like we did with summer strawberries.

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Feijoa jam

Feijoa jam on pikelets

  If you love the taste of feijoas, you can make it last all year long with your very own homemade feijoa jam. People will be impressed! Just 3 ingredients. Serve this with delicious pikelets.

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Lamb with Yoghurt, Coriander, Vegetable Couscous

Lamb with Yoghurt, Coriander, Vegetable Couscous Here’s a very tasty recipe for you to try using Mahaki Valley Lamb Steaks from Silver Fern Farms, finished off with a coriander marinade and served over a vegetable couscous. Yum!! Ingredients Lamb 1 pack of Silver Fern Farms M?haki Valley Lamb Steaks Sea salt and freshly ground pepper to…

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