Citrus baked stone fruit

A white oven dish full of orange red coloured baked fruit wedges with a sliver fork, spice on small plate and a tea strainer at side.

Enjoy nectarines and peaches all year round thanks to California Stone Fruit. Baked stone fruit is the ultimate fruit dessert. Infused with citrus flavours, you’ll be wanting seconds. Enjoy as a solo dessert or pair with our Gluten Free Japanese Style Soufflé Cheesecake. We served this with a light and fluffy Japanese-style soufflé cheesecake.

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Stone Fruit Trifle

A glass bowl full of yellow cream and red and orange coloured fruit on pink & white background

Make our delicious stone fruit trifle over the Christmas period to delight your guests. We use store-bought sponge and custard so you can quickly throw this together, meaning you’ll have more time to spend with your loved ones.

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