The Perfect Roast

The Perfect Roast

Roast time! Yippee. Family mealtimes matter and in our house we love a good roast – Sunday or not! Lamb roast is our fave and here is how to cook the best.

Serves 6

To make The Perfect Roast, you will need:

1kg+ New Zealand leg of lamb
Gregg’s Garlic Herb sprinkle
Gregg’s Lamb seasoning
Rice Bran Oil
Dash of water
Dash of Malt Vinegar
Herbs to garnish (ideally fresh rosemary)

How to make The Perfect Roast:

When your cooking roast, whether it be lamb, pork or beef, sprinkle with your seasonings, place in your ovendish, add a touch of water and a dash of rice bran oil and add a squirt of malt vinegar.
The malt vinegar will dissolve some of the fat off the meat.
Then cook at a high heat, 250 degrees celcius for 20 minutes, to seal the moisture in.
Then turn it down and slowcook at 120 degrees celcius for a further 3 hours.
It comes out fat-free, tender and moist. There’s nothing worse than having a tough, dry roast!
We love to serve our roast lamb with a roast vegetable medley – see roasties recipe below, along with gravy. Roast yams are a fab duet with lamb. And fresh herbs look great sprinkled over the roast meat.
And the final key to a perfect roast: REST THE MEAT!
Cook as above and leave on the bench covered with foil or in the microwave for 10 minutes, ideally 20.

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