Tropical Fruit with Avocado Ice Cream

This is a wonderful take-you-on-holiday recipe of tropical fruit with manuka honey and avocado ice cream. So kiwiana, so yummy and so good for you as avocadoes are a true superfood. You do need an ice cream maker to create this recipe.

 Serves: 8

To make Avocado Coconut Ice Cream, you will need:
500ml coconut milk
2 ripe avocados
2 tablespoons manuka honey
2 teaspoons vanilla bean extract, or essence
Garnish ingredients:
4 mangoes, diced (or canned is fine if off-season)
6 passionfruits (pulp)
½ bunch fresh mint, chopped

How to make Avocado Coconut Ice Cream:

  • Combine all ice cream ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth and then pour into your ice cream machine. Churn until frozen.
  • Combine diced mango and mint and arrange onto plates, then spoon over the passionfruit followed by a large scoop of the avocado ice cream.
  • Garnish with mint and serve.

Tip: If storing the ice cream for more than two days, add 30ml of glucose syrup to prevent the ice cream from hardening.

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