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There is a new player in the foodbox market, and this one is designed to give back.

Launching in June to coincide with NZ’s first Matariki holiday, an occasion-led “Fresh First Food Box” offers a box full of great goodies to enjoy with loved ones during the long weekend - whilst also sending a box to another family in need.

Founder, Mark Nelson, of Fresh Media, describes the pay it forward concept as a tangible way to make a difference for others - and is pleased to be working with Dave Letele, of Buttabean Motivation Foodbank, to ensure the boxes go to those in need within the community.

Matariki marks the start of the Maori New Year, a time to reflect on the past, celebrate the present and plan ahead.  “It’s a perfect time to sit back and enjoy family and good kai, while knowing you have helped others” says Mark.

The Fresh First Food Box is a limited edition offering, with only 500 available to order. It will be delivered to customers on Thursday June 23rd, ahead of the first Matariki holiday.  On the same day, 500 food boxes will be delivered and distributed through Buttabean Motivation Foodbank.

The purchased boxes offer great value for money.  Each contains ingredients for up to 5 meals – enough for a family of four to enjoy over the holiday, or share with family and friends in a larger gathering.  The boxes will feature an array of healthy and high quality ingredients designed to provide a unique food experience. Waitoa Roast Chicken, Sticky Lee Kum Kee Venison Meatballs, BluesBros Juice and Glazed Farmland Ham are some of the products included in this box.

Fresh Media has built their business providing content creation services for food brands.  Each box will be accompanied by bespoke recipes and how-to videos for customers to follow along at home.

Nelson says special occasions and long weekends are not an easy time for many.  “We saw a way to try a model that provides a great experience for our customers, whilst also giving back to the community.  It’s a concept we want to keep exploring ahead of other special occasions throughout the year. We have aspirational plans for growth from here.”

Dave Letele is grateful to receive the pay it forward boxes to help the community he supports. “As long as there is need, my team and I will do what it takes.  We’re out there every day supporting those who need it most in the community. It’s good to see businesses like Fresh, thinking about ways they can help. We have to work together to find solutions.”

Numbers for the Fresh First Food Boxes are strictly limited to 500 boxes.  Each purchased box costs $179 with groceries valued at over $220 (RRP). For each box purchased, another box with staples and practical food for the family, will be provided to Buttabean Motivation Foodbank for delivery ahead of Matariki.  Visit to order today.'

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