Kid Friendly Recipes

dairy free
gluten free
kid friendly
A beef burger with red onion, lettuce, pickles on black background.
BBQ Beef burger
Hands holding a crumbed chicken burger with slaw and bacon .
Chicken burger with a twist
Three bacon and egg muffins stacked on top of each other.
Bacon and egg muffins
Two filled bao buns inside bamboo steam basket with the lid next to it.
Karaage chicken bao buns
Cheese slices, lettuce, crumbed fish and tartar sauce on an oblong bread with the top half of bread on its side.
Fish baguette sandwiches
Noodles, carrots,chicken, corn, edamame and nori in bowls, with a baby fork and a bib.
Mini rainbow noodle bowls
Several baked cupcakes with berries heaped on a white cake stand.
Raspberry friands
Two bowles of white noodles with cooked chicken and edamame beans, two pairs of chopsticks.
Cold udon salad with Karaage chicken
A white bowl of cooked chicken nuggets on wooden board.
Gluten free popcorn chicken
Pale green coloured creamy dip with a hand holding a piece of flat bread, a packet of kitchen towel in rear.
Two halves of grilled ham and cheese sandwich stack on a paper lined board.
Grilled breakfast sandwich
Two English muffin sandwiches stacked on a plate.
Bacon and cheese egg muffins
A toasted folded wrap, cucumber sticks and cherry tomatoes in a teddy bear shaped pink lunchbox.
Ham and cheese wrap toastie
Four fritters on a plate with a small glass bowl of reddish sauce. A bottle of Space Jam behind it.
Super Easy Corn fritters
Part of large pie filled with eggs with focus on the crust case.
Savoury cracker pie crust
Several round cookies on a paper lined blue rimmed tray, with cut oranges around it.
Almond & Orange Anzac Biscuits
A pot of macaroni cheese with brown crumbs, a serving in a bowl and basil plant.
Southern Mac & Cheese with Sourdough Crumbs
Birds eye view of a round bowl of pasta salad with tomatoes, basil, and feta cheese on wooden table.
Summer Pasta Salad
Three tacos with rice and fried food on them on a white plate.
Crispy nori squid tacos
Yellow socca flatbread wedges on a round wooden board with a handle with a small dish of salt.
Herby chickpea socca
Five square crackers topped with cheese and green rocket leaves on white board.
Pesto, rocket and parmesan pizza crackers