Waffle brunch sandwich

Waffle sandwich topped with guacamole, bacon, burger and fried egg on white plate. More ingredients around it.

We love savoury waffles for a hearty brunch! Load waffles with these delicious ingredients and you’ll be set for the day. We love to cook this alfresco on the barbecue but you can also do it over the stove. You can make the waffles ahead of time for a breezy brunch. If you have limited…

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Gourmet bacon butty

Side view of a burger with bacon, white sauce and green herb with a stick inserted on black background.

You can’t go wrong with a bacon butty. They’re delicious any time of the day. We love ours loaded with Farmland’s thick cut bacon with a bbq glaze, melted brie cheese and caramelized onion relish. Delish! Check out the full Farmland range at www.farmlandfoods.co.nz.

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Umai skewers

Japanese style skewers all different colours of the rainbow

These Japanese inspired colourful Umai Skewers are the most moreish snack ever. Trust us… you’ll be going back for seconds! They’re delicious, easy and quick to make, perfect for any occasion to have as a starter or snack option.

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Perlas Potato Salad

A white dish full of potato salad, wine glasses and plates at back.

The 20-minute potato salad perfect for a long weekend. Delicious Perlas, frankfurters, tangy gherkins and eggs give this dish a kick you’ll love. 

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BBQ Stonefruit with Vanilla Creme Fraiche

BBQ Stonefruit with Vanilla Creme Fraiche One of the delights of New Zealand is its bounty of stonefruit. Peaches, nectarines, apricots and plums are all in abundance, and while they are tasty just as they are, grilling them brings out a stunning depth and intensity of flavour that will surprise you. Any type of stonefruit…

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BBQ Chicken & Pineapple

BBQ Chicken & Pineapple If you’ve never barbecued fruit, now’s the time. Sticky, juicy and absolutely bursting with flavour, BBQ pineapple is the perfect flavour combination for that summer staple, chicken. We’ve used Waitoa chicken again, as it’s tasty, made in NZ so you know what you’re getting – and of course it’s free range…

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Spicy BBQ Snapper with Tomato & Melon Salad

Spicy whole snapper with tomato and melon salad You can’t beat fresh fish in summer! The cool tomato and melon salad works beautifully with the tingly tang of the spice rub – summer on a plate! If you don’t have access to snapper, any firm white fish will work fine. Ready in 30 minutes. Serves:…

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