How to make your own natural glass cleaner

A brown spray bottle, a bottle of vinegar and a glass squeezer on white surface.

Make your own natural glass cleaner using everyday household products. Use an eco-friendly dishwashing liquid for a more eco-conscious cleaner. What you need: 1 cup DYC White Vinegar1 cup warm waterA drop dishwashing liquid A spray bottle Note: If you need a larger quantity, half fill your container with warn water, add a cup of…

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How to clean pots and pans

Two stainless steel pots and a bottle of vinegar on white surface.

Simple and effective way to clean your pots and pans. This method will keep them sparkling clean and give them a new lease on life! What you need: 1 cup DYC White Vinegar1 cup hot water2 tbsp baking soda Note: Adjust the quantities as required to ensure the surface you want to clean is always…

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Summer Pasta Salad

Birds eye view of a round bowl of pasta salad with tomatoes, basil, and feta cheese on wooden table.

Colourful and flavourful pasta salad for summer entertainment. Pick and choose your ingredients or keep them all, the choice is yours! Pasta salads are super versatile and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. They are also a great way to make few toppings go a long way. Follow this recipe or go for a Mediterranean flair.

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How to clean forgotten smelly lunch box

A bottle of vinegar and an empty pink lunch box.

Oh, just found a smelly forgotten lunch box in your kid’s school bag? Smelly lunch boxes do not have to be thrown out immediately. Try this tip for cleaning and getting rid of odours. This method works well for rubbish bins too. For extra lingering odours rinse them with straight DYC White Vinegar. What you…

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How to preserve fresh berries

A paper lined container full of summer berries and a bottle of vinegar.

Keep your berries fresh for longer by following one easy trick. To preserve your berries, you will need: WaterDYC White Vinegar Use your berries to top a pavlova or serve them in a tiramisu for a fresh twist.

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Classy berry pavlova

A whole pavlova topped with mixed berries.

This is an indulgent pavlova with mascarpone cream and fresh berries topped with toasted sliced almonds. The base is a classic Kiwi pavlova recipe, crunchy on the outside and marshmallowy on the inside. Once you’ve mastered the art of the perfect pavlova, experiment with toppings like we did here with this tropical pavlova.

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Lemongrass venison steak & avo summer rolls

Four green whole summer rolls stack and caut halves standing up, bowls of green sauce and peanuts, two glasses of water.

These summer rolls are light and refreshing, yet a satisfying dinner option. We love the fragrant lemongrass and the creaminess of the avocado in the rolls. Enjoy with a punchy dipping sauce. Use tofu for a vegetarian alternative. Whilst you can now find venison meat in most supermarkets, for more specialised cuts, try these suppliers.

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