Bacon and cheese egg breakfast muffins

Two English muffin sandwiches stacked on a plate.

These muffins are the perfect breakfast on the go hack for those mornings where a sit down meal is just not an option. Make them ahead and freeze them or keep a few in the fridge for the next morning. Swap the muffins for toast and make the ultimate grilled breakfast sandwich.

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Ham club sandwich

Ham, cheese and lettuce sandwiches on a plate with a bowl of mayonnaise and chips.

Sometimes we just need to go back to the basic. This club sandwich uses sliced ham for a quick and tasty lunch idea. Perfect for lunchboxes or wrapped in a sandwich bag. Serve mini versions of this sandwich and add other classics like a Reuben.

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Scallops wrapped in bacon

Bacon wrapped foods with toothpicks on a white oval plate with lemon slices and herb.

Easy but gorgeous appetiser that everyone loves. Keep a bag of scallops in the freezer for impromptu parties. For those warmer months where stonefruit are available, you can try these and serve them together.

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Avocado ‘ice cream cone’

Green cream in a toasted cone on ice cream stand.

Looking for a refreshing treat this summer? This ice cream cone is not what it seems but may just hit the spot… We love all things avocado but if you prefer a sweet version of this ‘ice cream’, try this.

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BBQ bacon-wrapped meatballs

Several brown sauced bacon wrapped meatballs with picks on white board with potato fries and sauce.

Juicy meatballs, savoury bacon and smoky barbecue sauce. Need we say more? These bacon-wrapped meatballs are the perfect appetisers to serve at your next party and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser! Because everything taste better with bacon…

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