Parmesan potatoes with macadamia crumb

Two pieces of roast potatoes on a spoon over a pan full of them.

This parmesan-crusted roast potato recipe takes your roasties to the next level. Make sure you have enough because everyone will come back for more. The next best thing after duck fat roasted potatoes.

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Perfect crispy roast potatoes

Roast potatoes on baking tray

For fluffy and crispy Potatoes make our perfect roast potatoes. We used Lotatoes which are lower carb and lower calorie potato. Cooked with malt vinegar and fresh herbs, they’ll surely be a favourite!

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Pesto Potatoes

Jazz up your potatoes by tossing them in pesto and sprinkling over parmesan and chopped almonds on top. Make this dish colourful by adding a mix of red, purple and white gourmet potatoes. Yum!

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Duck fat roast new potatoes

several roast baby potatoes heaped in a white bowl.

What's better than a roast potato? A roast potato cooked in duck fat. Don't be afraid to leave the skins on these lovely little new potatoes – they add to texture and flavour, and will give you more fibre too. Tasty? Give them a try…

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