Piña Colada crème brûlée

A fresh pineapple half filled with cream and burnt caramel shell top.

This piña colada crème brûlée is the perfect summer dessert! Serve it in a hallowed pineapple shell for an extra tropical touch. Explore the wonderful world of pineapple recipes, perfect for your next Tiki bar theme night.

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Smoked pineapple beer can chicken with pineapple salsa

Brown roast chicken and bowls of yellow salsa and brown sauce on board

In case you missed out on the ‘beer can chicken’ craze, we bring you our version of the pineapple beer can chicken. Smokey and tender chicken with just the right hint of pineapple flavour infused in the meat. Delish! Cooking a whole chicken in a smoker is the best way to guarantee flavourful and moist…

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Airfryer glazed ham & tropical salsa

Why wait until Christmas to have a perfectly glazed ham? We use a mini Farmland ham and an airfryer for ultimate convenience and delicious taste. Serve it with our pawpaw and pineapple salsa for a full flavour sensation. Airfryers truly do it all!! We’ve decided to serve our pineapple with a pawpaw and pineapple salsa…

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Pineapple & mint iced tea

Three tall glasses of yellow drink with ice and herb and a jug of the drink o white table top

We love to drink this refreshing pineapple and mint iced tea on baking hot summer days. You can adjust the sweetness to your preference or use decaf tea bags.

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