Festive platter

A topdown view of a large charcuterie board withwith a lot of gourmet foods.

A tempting charcuterie board is a must-have for any gathering this festive season. Good gourmet crackers are the foundation for a successful board. Have fun with it and turn it into a wreath for Christmas.

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Fancy Onion Dip

A plate with a bowl of creamy dip with cooked onion & herbs and some crackers around the bowl. A cracker dipping in the dip

Elevate the Kiwi classic onion dip to the next level with caramelised onion and Crème Fraîche to create a truly flavourful dip that no one can resist. Best enjoyed with good quality crackers. If you’re short on time, there’s nothing wrong with our national classic!

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October must-haves

Huntley & Palmers Platter Bites Crunchy, yet fruity and naturally delicious, our Platter Bites are crafted and baked here in NZ. Ideal for ANY platter occasion (small and simple, or big and fancy!). Cranberry & Coconut available nationwide, Manuka Honey & Apricot available from the 6th of November. Make entertaining easy with these mini Platter…

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Platter bite boats

Crackers, grapes, cheese, and cocktail picks in small boats.

Perfect for events or picnics, these mini boats are cute, easy to create and can be easily adapted to different diet requirements.

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Salmon Avocado Butter Board

Green avocado pasted on wooden board, dotted with salmon flesh, roes and herbs. Lemon halves and rectangler crackers on side.

This avocado butter board is even better than the original thing. These appetiser boards have taken social media by a storm, and we see why! We used a classic combo of salmon and avocado and brightened it up with pops of flavour. If you’re not into sharing, serve it all on blinis or crackers.

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Mediterranean platter for two

Grazing platters are always a popular choice for entertaining, even for a small gathering. Easy and quick to prepare, but so attractive with lots of different Mediterranean tastes. This eggplant dip is the perfect addition to your platter.

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Graze lunchbox

Crackers, vegetables, fruits $ cheese in a metal lunch box.

Healthy cracker lunchbox idea that is quick and easy to prepare. Sharing your lunch with other people? Easy! Just find a larger tupperware and turn it into a grazing platter.

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