Bacon hock & winter vegetable soup

Two bowls of soup with carrots, ham, veges and green herbs on a blue striped cloth. And sliced bread at side.

This easy bacon hock and winter vegetable soup with nutrient rich grains and legumes will keep you feeling full and warm for longer. Perfect for lunch or light supper during the chilly season.

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June Must Haves 2024

June Must Haves header image with a selection of food products

Easy winter meals We’ve got the Must Haves for easy meals that anyone in the family can help prepare. Get together in the kitchen and make a meal worth staying in for! King soup – great homemade soup King soup mixes make cooking homemade soup easy. Just add water or soup it up with extra…

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July Must-Haves 2023

Wooden dining table filled with Christmas-themed food and rustic decor

Matariki must-haves 2023 Tefal Easy Fry & Grill XXL For quick and healthy home-cooked meals, Easy Fry & Grill XXL offers total versatility and easier cooking day after day for up to 8 people. Add or remove the handy divider to switch from XXL capacity to a dual bowl to cook 2 different foods at…

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Quick and easy enchiladas

Baked enchiladas topped with sliced avocado and sour cream in square dish with a portion served on a plate.

Make and serve tasty enchiladas in 30mn using a delicious pre-made mince base. Serve your enchiladas with a delicious avocado salsa for a refreshing and zingy bite.

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Quick and easy nachos

A tray of nachos with sour cream, avocado mash and coriander on top.

Nachos are a family go-to on Fridays and perfect for entertaining. Use a ready-made mince base and whip up a tasty dish in 10mn! Swap the avocado for a freshly made guacamole instead.

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Almighty beef mince

A person showing a blue casserole full of mince meal base surround by vegetables.

An easy to cook, budget friendly beef mince recipe that can be served as is or used as a base for various family favourites. You can choose the soup mix base of your choice and transform your mince base to a range of delicious dishes such as a simple san choy bau, burger patties or…

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