Pad kra pao

A large round plate of food topped with fried egg on striped mat, small plate of lime halves and herb and a dish of cut green chili.

Pad kra pao is one of the most popular Thai dishes that has to be on your Thai repertoire. It's super quick and easy! Pad means “fried” and kra pao means “holy basil”. If you are in the mood for a lighter dish, try the more classic larb. Our friends at Superb Herb grow and…

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Lemongrass venison steak & avo summer rolls

Four green whole summer rolls stack and caut halves standing up, bowls of green sauce and peanuts, two glasses of water.

These summer rolls are light and refreshing, yet a satisfying dinner option. We love the fragrant lemongrass and the creaminess of the avocado in the rolls. Enjoy with a punchy dipping sauce. Use tofu for a vegetarian alternative. Whilst you can now find venison meat in most supermarkets, for more specialised cuts, try these suppliers.

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Venison Bibimbap

Venison bibimap two white plates

Bibimbap is the most well known Korean rice dish. A bowl of white rice topped with various delicious components served with tasty gochujang sauce. Garlic & ginger soy venison is the star of this bibimbap. A healthy well-balanced one bowl dinner recipe. We’ve tried with chicken mince too and swapped the toppings for variety.

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Thai venison larb salad

A bowl of salad with green and brown lettuce topped with meat, red chilli and lime. A pair of chopsticks.

Quick, easy, and light weeknight dinner recipe. Combination of the fragrant exotic herbs make this lean venison dish absolutely delicious and satisfying. Serve on plenty of greens.

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Grilled venison fajitas

Three round flat bread topped with colourful food on long wooden board, more dishes around it.

These grilled venison fajitas will surely become a favourite meal. They’re packed with fresh flavours, colourful veggies and naturally lean and tender venison.

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Venison summer salad

Two black bowls of salad with avocado and meat strips.

This venison summer salad is packed with flavour, fresh greens, punchy herbs and avocado. It’s a delicious meal for lunch or dinner. Venison is high in iron whilst low in fat, making it a healthy family favourite.

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Venison empanadas

Six half circular pies on wooden board with a pot of red sauce.

Empanadas are delicious South American style pastries. We make ours with New Zealand farm raised venison mince. You can add your favourite veggies to these or sneak in leftovers. Make these for your next party.

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