How to cook a rack of venison on the barbecue

Elevate your summer barbecues by cooking a venison rack – your guests will thank you for it! Follow our tips and tricks to cook it just right. Did you know that New Zealand farm raised venison is low in fat whilst high in protein, minerals and vitamins (particularly iron, vitamin B12 and niacin)? Venison is…

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Venison steak rice noodle salad

A plate of noodle salad with steak pieces and green leaves and a cut lemon half.

Enjoy the light rice noodles in this summer salad paired with tender venison minute steaks and plenty of herbs. Tie it together with a delicious sweet & sour chilli dressing. Lovely for casual entertaining. For homemade rice noodles, follow our step by step guide here.

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Grilled venison fajitas

Three round flat bread topped with colourful food on long wooden board, more dishes around it.

These grilled venison fajitas will surely become a favourite meal. They’re packed with fresh flavours, colourful veggies and naturally lean and tender venison.

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Venison summer salad

Two black bowls of salad with avocado and meat strips.

This venison summer salad is packed with flavour, fresh greens, punchy herbs and avocado. It’s a delicious meal for lunch or dinner. Venison is high in iron whilst low in fat, making it a healthy family favourite.

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Bacon wrapped venison bites

Bacon wrapped venison bites These bacon wrapped venison bites will become the star of your party. The sweetly grazed thick bacon outer elevates the already tasty balsamic soy marinated, tender venison chunks. Enjoy them with your favourite drinks with friends. 500 g New Zealand farm raised venison (cut in 3cm chunks) 2 tbsp Olivado Organic…

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Barbecue venison mince mushroom breakfast

Treat Dad with this simple, easy-fix venison stuffed mushrooms for breakfast on Father’s Day this year. Venison mince makes a tasty & sophisticated change from beef. Venison mince is leaner than beef mince and lends itself well to dishes with strong flavours such as these sticky meatballs or this chili.

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Nut crumbed venison racks with hasselback kumara and hommus

Impress your guests with this deliciously decadent midwinter feast. We coat our New Zealand farmed venison racks in a pistachio and pine nut crumb and serve it on a bed of creamy hommus. Hasselback kumara look and taste divine and are surprisingly easy to prepare. Venison is a beautiful game meat. It looks impressive but…

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Venison Wellington

Venison Wellington sliced and served on a board

Venison Wellington is a seared venison tenderloin that has been covered with Duxelles (a mushroom mix), wrapped in prosciutto and pastry and baked to perfection. Follow our step by step guide to master this delicious classic. For a more classic approach, try the beef version of this dish.

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