Salmon and Avocado Verrines with Zesty Dill Dressing

A large fillet of salmon and a few glasses full of salmon and avocado cocktails

Verrine is an elegant French-style appetiser served in a small glass. This beautiful salmon pink and avocado green combo is perfect for your festive table. A creamy lemon dill dressing enhances the taste and colour. Simplify the dish and serve it all on blinis if you prefer.

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Herby mushroom omelette

When was the last time you had an omelette? We love a good omelette and this one is a fit for lunch and dinner too! Love eggs but want to try something different? Oyakodon is for you! A truly filling bowl yet delicately flavoured, this Japanese dish is a crowd favourite.

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20-Minute Aglio Olio

A pot and a plate of pasta with prawns and packs of prawns and pats by sides.

Who says gourmet has to be complicated? This quick and delicious Aglio Olio with shrimps is here to prove that big flavours can come together in no time. Quick and easy pasta recipes are perfect when you crave pasta but don’t have a lot of ingredients on hand. This lemon & cheese pasta is another…

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Quick and easy Tabbouleh

A quick and easy take on a classic salad, this tabbouleh-inspired couscous salad is the perfect dish to bring to any party. Couscous makes a great salad base. You can go for a lighter option like this or a add more protein for a more substantial meal.

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Quick and easy enchiladas

Baked enchiladas topped with sliced avocado and sour cream in square dish with a portion served on a plate.

Make and serve tasty enchiladas in 30mn using a delicious pre-made mince base. Serve your enchiladas with a delicious avocado salsa for a refreshing and zingy bite.

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Easy tempura fish taco

Two fish tacos on white board with ingredients

Make tempura fish tacos in no time with the Taco kit. Each kit contains 8 tempura battered fish, 8 tacos and tomato salsa. Add some fresh salad, avocado and coriander. Easy. Looking for an easy mid-week dinner solution? Having guests drop in at the last minute? The West Street Kitchen taco kits are the perfect…

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Pad kra pao

A large round plate of food topped with fried egg on striped mat, small plate of lime halves and herb and a dish of cut green chili.

Pad kra pao is one of the most popular Thai dishes that has to be on your Thai repertoire. It's super quick and easy! Pad means “fried” and kra pao means “holy basil”. If you are in the mood for a lighter dish, try the more classic larb. Our friends at Superb Herb grow and…

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Loaded iceberg wedge salad with honey Dijon yoghurt dressing

Two pink plates of lettuce salad with dressing

An impressive looking, but very easy to prepare salad. This lettuce salad is perfect to serve at your next barbecue party. Serve on a big platter for sharing — it’ll become your signature dish! For a simpler variation on this salad or to try a different dressing, check this recipe out!

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Venison steak rice noodle salad

A plate of noodle salad with steak pieces and green leaves and a cut lemon half.

Enjoy the light rice noodles in this summer salad paired with tender venison minute steaks and plenty of herbs. Tie it together with a delicious sweet & sour chilli dressing. Lovely for casual entertaining. For homemade rice noodles, follow our step by step guide here.

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