Pad kra pao

A large round plate of food topped with fried egg on striped mat, small plate of lime halves and herb and a dish of cut green chili.

Pad kra pao is one of the most popular Thai dishes that has to be on your Thai repertoire. It's super quick and easy! Pad means “fried” and kra pao means “holy basil”. If you are in the mood for a lighter dish, try the more classic larb. Our friends at Superb Herb grow and…

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Loaded iceberg wedge salad with honey Dijon yoghurt dressing

Two pink plates of lettuce salad with dressing

An impressive looking, but very easy to prepare salad. This lettuce salad is perfect to serve at your next barbecue party. Serve on a big platter for sharing — it’ll become your signature dish! For a simpler variation on this salad or to try a different dressing, check this recipe out!

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Venison steak rice noodle salad

A plate of noodle salad with steak pieces and green leaves and a cut lemon half.

Enjoy the light rice noodles in this summer salad paired with tender venison minute steaks and plenty of herbs. Tie it together with a delicious sweet & sour chilli dressing. Lovely for casual entertaining. For homemade rice noodles, follow our step by step guide here.

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How to prepare lime leaves for cooking

Fresh makrut lime leaves on wooden board.

Remove the thick centre vein from the leaves. This makes them easier to slice, and the tough centres can be too chewy to eat.Stack a few leaves, then use a sharp knife to thinly slice lengthways. This is easier and quicker than cutting them individually. Freeze shredded lime leaves in a sealable plastic bag for…

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How to prepare lemongrass

Green stems shown three ways, sliced and grated.

Peel away the tough outer layers to reveal the pale lower section of the stem. Use a sharp knife to trim the base. Press the stem with the flat side of a knife to bruise and release the flavour. This is essential when infusing soups and syrups. To prepare lemon grass for stir-frying, cut the…

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Thai venison larb salad

A bowl of salad with green and brown lettuce topped with meat, red chilli and lime. A pair of chopsticks.

Quick, easy, and light weeknight dinner recipe. Combination of the fragrant exotic herbs make this lean venison dish absolutely delicious and satisfying. Serve on plenty of greens.

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