Stuffed medjool dates

Stuffed medjool dates, seven of, layed out open on a decorative platter with fine sweet and savoury fillings.

Simple, quick and easy snacks ideas to impress your guests. Try pairing the soft and plump medjool dates with a variety of savoury and sweet fillings. These are super cute served as part of a grazing platter. We use these fine dates in other creative ways. Let us show you a couple of nut-free treats…

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Nut-free chocolate peanut butter cups

A nut-free peanot butter cup-shaped sweet snack with a chocolate coat, cut in half on a wooden chopping board.

These chocolate peanut butter cups are nut-free, the perfect lunchbox, after school or playdate treat that the whole family will enjoy. Feeling inspired by these nut-free treats? Our oat pottle and muesli bar recipes are well worth a go.

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PeaNOT butter muesli bars

Two rows of peaNOT butter based muesli bars, nut-free and delicious, set on baking paper with a jar of chocolate sauce.

Muesli bars are the easiest lunchbox and afternoon snack. We make ours with delicious PeaNOT butter. Get the kids to help make these for some kitchen fun. Try adding in your favourite dried fruits, seeds or even chocolate chips. Enjoy browsing through our muesli recipes for more ideas and feel free to experiment to suit…

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HazelNOT banana smoothie

Two banana smoothie jars made using nut-free hazelNOT chickpea butter, placed on a white tablecloth with yellow tulips.

Send the kids to school with a delicious and nutritious hazelNOT banana smoothie. HazelNOT butter is made from chickpeas, which will keep little tummies fuller for longer. If you have dairy allergies or a plant based diet, then simply use coconut milk and yoghurt. We have several wholesome smoothie recipes to fill the day with…

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Overnight peaNOT butter oat pottles

Four chocolate oat pottles presented in a tray, served in glass jars and topped with peaNOT butter and strawberries.

Send the kids to school with these healthy oat pottles. These are so yummy and simple that you may want to double the recipe so parents have a delicious lunch too! Make them the evening before for a calm morning. Best of all: the delicious PeaNOT butter is nut free, perfect for those nut-free schools.…

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PeaNOT butter hummus with veggie sticks

PeaNOT butter hummus, crackers and a variety of fresh vegetable sticks in a green kids' lunchbox.

Kids love snacks with dips so send them off to school with this healthy treat. We keep the hummus extra simple to satisfy the fussiest of eaters. If you’re making the hummus for adults (or more adventurous eaters) then add a garlic clove and extra virgin olive oil. These halloween-themed treats are the perfect welcome…

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Best of Summer with Fresh

Best of Summer with Fresh banner with pineapple on yellow background

Fresh has selected a range of MUST HAVE food items to enjoy with family and friends over the summer and the festive season. And best of all, you can WIN it all!!! Click HERE to enter. Blueberry Balsamic Drizzle A tangy sweet & savoury drizzle. Perfect as a Salad Dressing, Marinade or Dipping Sauce. Stir…

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PeaNOT butter eyeballs

Chocolate dipped Halloween eyeballs treats on baking paper with a knife smeared with red jam.

These peaNOT butter eyeballs won’t last long in the fridge – they’re too moreish! Get the kids involved in this fun Halloween treat. For more Halloween recipe inspiration, check out our Halloween spiders made with Vgood PeaNOT butter.

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Halloween spiders

Nine cracker sandwich Halloween spiders with pretzel legs and candy eyes on slate

These Halloween spiders are fun to make and delicious to eat. They’re a nice salty treat to balance out all those sugary sweets. You can buy candy eyes in many stores, or be creative and try making them yourself. Get the kids involved to make a clutter of scary spiders… For more Halloween recipe inspiration,…

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The VGood Company awarded for New Product Innovation in the ABA 2021

Best of summer Three jars of peaNOT butter on white board, chickpeas scattered around them.

The Australian Brand Award for New Product Innovation recognises innovative new products that offer a point of difference from their competitors. Recognition via this prestigious award provides further validation for the VGood company’s achievements in the research and development of healthy options that are accessible to more people. Sally Breden, Founder and Managing Director of…

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