Canapes Idea—Corn Thins® 3 ways

Canapes Idea – Corn Thins® 3 ways

3 delicious corn or rice cakes topping ideas that the whole family will love. From classic pairings with roasted tomatoes, ricotta and basil to beef with wasabi mayo and tropical flavours for dessert, explore the range and get inspiration for your next party.

Three round biscuits topped with white cream, beef, radish and herb on top on white marble board. Green striped cloth on right side.
Leftover Roast Beef & Wasabi Mayo
Next time you have leftover roast beef make these delectable roast beef and wasabi mayo corn thins slices. The flavour combinations are divine.
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Two round biscuits topped with white cream, baked tomatoes and herbs on wooden board, salt flakes scattered around.
Whipped Ricotta, Roast Tomato & Basil 
There’s nothing better than flavorsome baked tomatoes, creamy ricotta and fresh basil. Make this for lunch or serve as a delicious appetizer.
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Three round biscuitts topped with yellow and brown food, nuts and white chips on a round white plate with a small pot of white cream with yellow syrup.
Grilled Banana & Macadamia—Tropicana Bite
We make these grilled banana and macadamia Corn Thins slices for a delicious brunch, though they can be served for dessert.
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