Thick banana, honey & ricotta pancakes

Pancakes stack with white cream and raspberries, and a jar of syrup.

Try these thick banana, honey ricotta pancakes that are fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside cooked with pure butter. Topped with more ricotta, raspberries and pistachio nuts drizzled with extra honey – simply irresistible!

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Mango coconut rice pudding

A bowl of white rice pudding topped with yellow fruit pieces and coconut.

A lighter, tangier version of the classic rice pudding. The combination of mango and coconut makes this pudding next level. Vegan, gluten and sugar free!

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Salami, kale and feta omelette

An omelette with pink meat , feta and green on blue plate and small pot of pesto.

If there is one egg dish to master, it’s the perfect omelette! This omelette is filled with peppery salami, fresh kale and cheese to make for one delicious morning start.

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Breakfast tomatoes with bacon & eggs

Two fried eggs, bacon and cooked tomatoes with herb on a plate with knife and fork.

There’s nothing like a fab tomato dish to complement a hot breakfast. This top tomato treatment captures the tomato’s sweet fruity flavour. A deliciously perfect addition to a breakfast of bacon and eggs.

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