Grilled venison fajitas

Three round flat bread topped with colourful food on long wooden board, more dishes around it.

These grilled venison fajitas will surely become a favourite meal. They’re packed with fresh flavours, colourful veggies and naturally lean and tender venison.

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Herby bacon focaccia

A loaf of bread topped with bacon and rosemary on a chopping board. Small pots of salt and oil.

Focaccia is a satisfying dish to make. Ours is topped with caramelised onion, bacon, and loads of fresh herbs. Make this when entertaining friends or family – they’ll thank you for it.

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Venison empanadas

Six half circular pies on wooden board with a pot of red sauce.

Empanadas are delicious South American style pastries. We make ours with New Zealand farm raised venison mince. You can add your favourite veggies to these or sneak in leftovers. Make these for your next party.

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Halloween avocado ghosts

Green mash pasted ghost shaped snacks on black slate with white cotton spider web.

Fun and healthy Halloween treats that kids will love to make and eat. We use the natural shapes of the nuts and raisins for their eyes and mouth to create “happy” “surprised” “sad” or “angry” ghosts. Happy Halloween!

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