Baking Recipes

Baking is everything from the key to one's heart to fond childhood memories. It's the smell of baked apple and cinnamon, the crunch when you bite into that cookie, the lovely golden colour of that pastry...

If you are a seasoned baker, try our recipes and add your touch to the dishes. If you find baking intimidating and stay away from it, with a little help from us and thanks to our tips, you too can bake! Yes you'll have to follow some instructions to the letter but you'll also learn to adapt recipes to your taste.

Happy baking everyone!

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kid friendly
Several baked cupcakes with berries heaped on a white cake stand.
Raspberry friands
Several round cookies on a paper lined blue rimmed tray, with cut oranges around it.
Almond & Orange Anzac Biscuits
Birds eye view of a whole baked pie with pie crust and yellow filling with ham pieces.
Quiche Lorraine
Pesto twists on a black plate on a wooden board
Cashew and Walnut Pesto Twists
Five almond croissants on a wooden board with a glass of milky coffee behind.
Cheat Almond Croissants
A person showing six yellow muffins with Jalapeno slice on each on wire rack.
Jalapeño cornbread muffins
Upside down apple tarts on a cooling rack with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a bowl of honey
Upside down apple tarts
Salmon & Kale Filo Pockets open in half
Salmon & kale filo pockets
Apple frangipane galette
A basket full of mini muffins with a pot of tomato sauce.
Bacon and corn mini muffins
Pile of white bread cheese rolls on a platter
Soup Mix Cheese Roll Recipe
Pile of white bread cheese rolls on a platter
Cheesy cheese rolls
Pile of white bread cheese rolls on a platter
Chopped onion cheese rolls
A plate full of toasted bread pieces and a bowl of soup on table.
Homemade croutons
Several red apples in a bowl on left, brown crumble with two scoops of ice cream drizzled with brown sauce on blue plate in middle and black baking dish with crumble on right.
Salted caramel and cashew apple crumble
A six-hole muffin tin full of bread cup with pizza fillings and herb.
Easy bread pizza cups
Three Corn Thins crackers with sweet toppings of baked nuts and maple syrup on coconut yoghurt and a side of passionfruit syrup
Grilled Banana & Macadamia—Tropicana Bite
Perfect Pecan Pie
Two oblong shaped pies and a pot of creamy sauce on a blue rimmed white plate on blue back ground, a sunflower, a part of another plate, salt pot and raisins around the plate.
Argentinian Beef Empanadas
Three pineapple and four banana topped baked pies with chocolate drizzles on green table with a bowl of nuts
Banana Boomerangs & Pineapple Frisbees
A large tart filled with chocolate cream, topped with pineapple slices and mint leaves on white board with a bowl of cut pineapples and green striped cloth on right side
Fresh Pineapple & Chocolate Cream Tart