Dessert Recipes

dairy free
gluten free
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A large round cake with a wedge missing topped with cinnamon sticks and orange peels. apple stuffing showing in the gap on the white plate.
Caramel apple charlotte
A grass of creamy drink dessert with sweets and chocolates topped, with a spoon.
Hokey pokey affogato
A white oven dish full of orange red coloured baked fruit wedges with a sliver fork, spice on small plate and a tea strainer at side.
Citrus baked stone fruit
Yellow round cake topped with cooked peaches and citrus rind, a slice being taken out on metal cake server.
Gluten free Japanese style soufflé cheesecake
Two bowls of white cream topped with purple jelly and passionfruit pulp on blue mat with a spoon.
How To Make Dairy Free Yoghurt at home
Several red apples in a bowl on left, brown crumble with two scoops of ice cream drizzled with brown sauce on blue plate in middle and black baking dish with crumble on right.
Salted caramel and cashew apple crumble
Perfect Pecan Pie
Easy Microwave Dark Chocolate Brownie Recipe
6 browned banana like food and a dish of honey with wooden stick on a metal tray on green mint green background. A sunflower and a bowl of nuts at the bottom edge.
Fried Sweet Plantains
3 pieces of waffles topped with white ice-cream, chocolate and flower pettals and a jar of brown liquid on a white round plate on cloth with a cup of drink
Three blue rimmed white bowls with two scoops of pale yellow ice cream in each, spoons, a cut lime half, herb on a metal tray on marble with green cloth.
No-Churn Pineapple, Thai Basil & Ginger Ice Cream 
A rectangle glass box with light brown cream topped with brown swirls and nuts on marble board, icecream scoop, flowers and a bowl of nuts around it.
Banana & Peanut Butter Ice Cream
Round green cake with a slice cut topped with flowers on marble, lime halves and more flowers scattered.
Raw Avocado & Lime Cheesecake
A large tart filled with chocolate cream, topped with pineapple slices and mint leaves on white board with a bowl of cut pineapples and green striped cloth on right side
Fresh Pineapple & Chocolate Cream Tart 
A whole baked cake with red plums on white papered plate, green plant on the right side back
Chocolate Plum Cake
Chocolate brownie pieces on a white marble board, purple flowers, green herb, chocolate and nuts around them.
Gooey Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie
Vegan Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns
Five blackened bananas topped with pink and brown toppings on wooden board and a bowl of pink and white sweets
Air Fried Banana S’mores
Eight round chocolate cookies on white bench top, four on wire rack. Pink flour and a knife on sides.
Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies
Four creamy coloured popsicles on bed of ice cubes in a tray on blue background with a sunflower.
Grilled Pineapple & Coconut Popsicles
3 berry tiramisu glasses with spoons on a plate on a dark blue background
Christmas Berry Tiramisu